Weaving Spells


A spell can be a period of time or in witchcraft, the art of weaving energy to help achieve a desired end. The roots of the word ‘spell’ come from Germanic and Old English and translates as ‘the power to speak’. This latter definition is particularly important to Catherine’s Weaving Spells given the healing and alchemic power of words, conversation, sacred space and listening.

Each Weaving Spell is tailored to the client’s needs. If the client would like a straightforward tarot reading based more in the secular and Jungian traditions, that is what Catherine will provide. If the client would like a Weaving Spell that not only incorporates tarot but also bones and whatever other tools and skills Catherine has at her disposal as a practicing witch and are appropriate at the time, that is what Catherine will provide.

Weaving Spells can also be specifically tailored to working with artists and their muse. This is Catherine’s specialty: helping people connect with their muse, understand and nourish that relationship and even heal it if necessary. Catherine will also work with clients and their muse to explore avenues and catalysts for positive change and growth by using her tools (tarot, bones, oracles, animal and muse medicine etc.,) to gain insight and new perspectives on your current situation with guidance from the Universe and her guides. Whilst the Weaving Spell will be guided by your muse, needs and goals, Catherine’s passion is to see artists go on to flourish and create with a greater sense of freedom, verve and purpose. She loves bringing art and magick together to serve as a catalyst for their being more art and happier artists in the world.

If you have any questions about Weaving Spells or any of the other services Weaver Tarot provides, Catherine would love to talk to you or answer your email. Catherine will always make herself as available as possible to her clients.

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