1. “Cat is an incredibly intuitive reader. Not only is she experienced and knowledgeable about the traditional meanings of the cards, she has a knack for understanding how they relate to the client as an individual. I can’t wait to have my cards read by Cat again!” – M

2. “I felt my tarot reading by Catherine was really fitting for me. I recognized myself in it and it will help guide me for the future. I think she is a natural. I recommend very much !” – S

3. “Catherine was very honest and caring in her reading. It touched on all my questions and connected with what I felt inside. I left feeling stronger in my direction and with a clearer sense of purpose. I have been wondering about the muse since reading her site. After exploring it with Catherine the muse is something I will be working with to help me overcome my latest creative slump. I would recommend Catherine to anyone but especially artists who may feel blocked or overwhelmed. She is very generous. Thank you, Catherine.” – Angie, N. D.

4. “Catherine’s reading was phenomenal. I didn’t know what to expect and went in skeptical. I was looking for a way through writer’s block and she seemed interesting. I got more than I expected. Catherine’s reading explored areas of my writing and creativity I’d never considered before and linked me with my muse. I didn’t even know I had a muse! But it felt right. She was gentle but deep. She challenged me at the right time and was honest but not directive. Her reading was intense but I had loads of time for questions. I left feeling clear and inspired. I immediately started to write again. My novel is going and I have ideas for more work. I have ideas about how nourish my creativity and creative path and my muse! I am very excited about the muse! Thank you to Catherine. If anyone is feeling creatively blocked I recommend Catherine.”

-L. NY.

5. “The reading was incredibly comfortable. Before the word feel awkwardly inappropriately, let me explain:

Comfort with strangers, or with people who are close acquaintances in soul and mind more so than in person, comes from openness and kindness. Not once throughout the reading did I feel patronized when the meanings were explained to me. Not once did I feel as though the cards were being manipulated in order for the meaning to come across as something I wanted to hear, rather than the truth. It felt natural. It felt like talking to my friend as we had face to face over the weekend I spent I Melbourne.

The messages were that much warmer knowing someone who genuinely cared about their interpretation was reading.

I would highly recommend a reading, and will certainly seek another when the time is right for one.” – V


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