Policies and Ethics

Things to Know Before Booking in for a Reading/Session:

Anyone and everyone is welcome to book a reading. The only exception to this rule is that you must be over eighteen to book in.

Your session/reading is confidential. The only exception to this, is if it becomes clear that you may cause harm to yourself or another. This is a safe and sacred place for you, these are words just for you. If you choose to share what we discuss in your reading, that is entirely up to you, but our readers will never divulge what is spoken about unless they believe you are at risk of harming yourself or others.

What is described during a session/reading is drawn directly from the tools used (cards, bones, runes etc.,) and guided by the reader’s intuition and physic abilities, and is their perception of your life at the time of the reading. This is done with compassion, care, honesty, integrity and respect. We see our my roles as that of catalysts, assisting you to gain insight, illuminate new pathways and open up new ways of seeing that you may not have considered before. How you move forward in your life with this new wisdom and medicine is entirely up to you. We are here to empower you to trust in your own intuition, to make your own choices and to shape your own future as much as possible. The power to work towards meeting with the pathways described, or avoiding them, lies within you. Your future is yours to create.

Our ways of reading relies on connecting with the energies coming through the tools used, and with you and where you are right now in your life. We do not predict lotto, find lost items, nor do we connect with other people – dead or alive. We are not working as mediums and believe it is unethical to read the energy of other people without their consent. Boundaries are of prime importance in this line of work. It helps maintain a clear connection.

When it comes to readings, people often make a joke of the question ‘What are the winning lotto numbers?’ Sometimes it is said in light jest, sometimes as a criticism. Regardless, it is valid criticism/opinion to hold. We believe everyone has a right to an opinion so long as it doesn’t harm others. However, in our view this is not how readings work nor is it the best use of a reading. Tarot, rune, astrology etc., readings tap into the energies of that moment, but the future is directed by the decisions made by the person who is being read for. As such, the future is never set in stone therefore, using a reading to predict lotto numbers would be a highly unreliable method. Also, we see it as our roles to be a catalyst to help you explore ways you might increase general feelings of prosperity and personal wealth in your life that can help you develop more realistic strategies to help you achieve your financial goals.

We do not do ‘medical’ or ‘mental health’ readings. Issues pertaining to health often come up in readings, as can general questions about health, but we do not diagnose any illnesses. We are not licensed to. If you are concerned about your physical or mental health, please see the appropriate medical practitioner.

The aims of any reading is to clarify, empower, inspire and hopefully have them serve as catalysts.

Whilst we can describe details of future partners, approximate dates of important events and other finite details, we do not see this as the most productive use of our time together. We would rather help you gain clarity around the questions you come to us with, empower you to trust in yourself and your own intuition, inspire you to take charge of your life and start making the steps necessary to see the change you desire. We will not tell you what to do with your life or dictate what decisions you should make. We would rather encourage you to be the catalyst of change in your life. We will assist you in doing this by encouraging you to look at a wider ranger of possibilities as presented in the cards.

A reader can provide broader scope and understanding via reading the energies coming through their tools with objectivity and compassion. Hopefully by opening up a view to a wider range of possibilities, we will be able to assist you in coming to understand the flow of your own life, to connect with your own soul medicine, to learn to read your own personal language of signposts and symbols as they appear in your life, and stay grounded and in touch with your own soul and heart truths. We aim to do all of this in a safe place, and in a compassionate and practical way. This process will allow us to share a true heart-to-heart connection and conversation leading to profound realizations and understandings that will help you walk your the purpose of your soul when you leave the reading.

We do not encourage you to see psychics/readers/astrologers more than once a month. If you are wanting to see one of us more than once a month, we will let you know that it could be better for you to work on things in a different way for a while. Often a combination of approaches can be helpful such as counseling, psychotherapy, art, meditation, yoga, etc.

As with any client centered business, it is our duty to respect our client’s time and our own. Therefore, all readings will finish at the scheduled time. However, we will not let a reading end abruptly. We will give you a fifteen minute reminder that the reading is approaching its end. That way you have time to ask questions. This not only respects the client that comes after you, but we have learned that as a reader it is of vital importance that boundaries are respected for both our well-being and yours.

We reserve the right to refuse service.

Cancellations and no-shows for Skype and telephone readings:

If you are late, your reading will simply be shorter, so as to not keep my next client waiting. You will be charged the same price as originally agreed upon.

If you do a no-show, please be aware that there will be a 100% cancellation fee.
If you would like to have someone with you during a Skype or telephone reading, please let us know at the time of booking.

We STRONGLY encourage people to create a private, safe and quiet space for their reading. Readings can be a very personal experience and sometimes issues may come up that you haven’t spoken about with anyone before.

So, if you decide you would like someone with you at the time of your reading, please ensure that person is a trusted confidant.

Generally, people choose to attend readings (whether face to face, by Skype or by phone) by themselves as it is ‘their’ time. If you are thinking of having someone with you at the time of your reading, think about why. It could be because you need a translator, or just wish to share the experience. However, please also be aware that sense of nervousness before a reading is entirely normal and can, for some, be the energy of the reading beginning to rise. Company may alleviate nerves, but so might having a pet nearby, or setting up a serene environment for yourself, or having a warm drink of your choosing with you – whatever it is you might normally do to sooth your nerves. But rest assured, we are yet to meet and read for a person who does not relax and start enjoying the experience. The feedback we have received is that people value readings and feel rejuvenated after having a reader connect solely with them and focus on them in a caring, compassionate and sensitive way. Whatever you decide, please let us know so that we can prepare. We are able to read with others in the room but we just like to know first.

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