When is the best time to book a session?

There can be an assumption that the only time to book in for a tarot, rune, astrology etc., reading is during a  time of turmoil or change. This is not the case. A reading can certainly assist people who may be lost or hurting however, anyone can book a reading at any time. Essentially, the best time to book a reading is when you feel the time is right.

Seeing a reader doesn’t just have to be about gaining insight to surrounding challenges. Some people consider readings as a spiritual check ups. A reading provides you with the safe and sacred space to just ‘be’. You have a reader’s undivided attention and spiritual focus whilst you converse about where you are at in your life. This warmly held space of spiritual connection can often affirm what you have been intuitively feeling for a while. Other people come for a reading because they are in a good place in their lives, they see readings as a way to connect with, and celebrate that joy whilst exploring ways to sustain happiness as they move forward in their life.

Tarot, rune, astrology, bone etc., readings around the time of birthdays, weddings, births, and other significant celebrations are also common. New Years tends to be the busiest time of year for readers. There are plenty of readings designed to focus solely on providing insight and guidance for the new year.

Many people find readings to be warm, profound, and enlightening experiences as well as catalysts for change.

What is your method of reading?

Every reader and their process is different. That is why it is important to pick a reader that feels right for you. We suggest letting your intuition guide you. If you research a particular  reader and feel a resonance with their words, and your intuition pulls you towards picking up the phone to make an appointment, it is likely that is the right reader for you at that time.

When we read, we generally don’t channel or engage in mediumship, we like to stay grounded. That is not to say information from above doesn’t drop in from time to time, but we like to focus on the person in front of us. Our style of reading draws on a combination of my psychic abilities and studies, knowledge of the cards, and intuition. We work on connecting with the energies in the room, and acknowledging the wisdom that lies within both ourselves and the person we are reading for.

How often should I come for a reading?

We recommend allowing at least a month to pass before you come for another reading. By allowing this time to pass, you gift yourself time to observe how the energies and pathways discussed in your reading unfold. Also, because we hope our readings serve as a catalyst for positive change in your life, by taking time and space between readings you provide those seeds of change a chance to grow and flower, and then choose how you want those seeds of change to guide your decisions and intuition. Our readings are geared towards empowering you to take charge of your life and future, and hopefully helping encouraging you to trust in your intuition as you move forward.

If you feel like you want to see the same psychic every week, or a number of psychics, tarot readers, astrologers, mediums etc., on a highly regular basis, we would suggest seeking other avenues to help assist you in your striving for growth and understanding. Some suggestions might include counseling, psychotherapy, yoga, meditation, and art. Psychics, witches, shamans, medicine people can be wonderful in assisting you on your journey, but it is our opinion that they are there to empower you, not to create a dependency.
How long have you been reading?

Catherine has been reading tarot professionally for over twenty years. During that time she has attended various workshops and conferences on tarot and other aspects of working with energies. Catherine has also trained in Jungian psychology, Reiki, herbalism, Witchcraft, and Shamanism to name a few. She has degree in creative writing and visual arts and a PhD in psychology. Her years of practice as a psychologist and counselor enable her to provide you with readings that are high in integrity and compassion.

Do you have a specialty in regards to your readings?

Yes. Whilst Catherine loves doing all kinds of readings and connecting with all of her clients, she has real a passion for providing readings for artists. It doesn’t matter whether you are a painter, writer, or someone whose occupation or hobbies are intensely creative, Catherine find profound joy in providing readings centered around creativity.

Catherine is an artist and she am aware that each artist has their own artistic process. Catherine likes to work with artists, focusing both on the challenges facing them and on how to expand on what is already working well for them. Some examples of what an artist’s reading might center on include: working through creative blocks, helping artists align with their artistic purpose, helping artists equip themselves for new creative directions, or working with artists to uncover what they can do to expand a sense of prosperity in their creative pursuits.

Catherine also has an interest in the relationship between an artist and their muse (some other words people might use in place of muse here are: inspiration, creativity, genius etc.)  Every artist has their own definition of, and unique relationship with their muse, whether their muse is physical or energetic. Artists can also have more than one muse. Some examples of how Catherine works with artists and their muse during a reading are as follows:

  • Helping artists understand their relationship with their muse – what it is and how to nourish it.
  • Helping artists strengthen their relationship with their muse.
  • Helping artists explore what is needed to heal their relationship with their muse.

Are there any suggestions as to the best questions to ask a reader?

Our readers encourage you to follow your intuition and ask whatever you feel is right for you. However, there are ways of framing questions to get the most out of your reading. We will be writing a longer blog post on this, but for now here is an example and some suggestions. “When will I meet the love of my life and what will they look like?” Whilst our readers can provide you with a general idea about these two facts, the question is limited (close-ended) and also, highly variable. A reading is guided by the energies of where you are at in your life at the time of your reading. These energies can change with any major decisions you might make after the reading. Therefore, asking the tarot asking more open-ended and self-focused questions will provide you with far more information and wisdom to guide you as you move forward in your life, and will serve as a greater catalyst to achieve your goals. An example of how you might re-frame the above question is: “What can I work on in myself and in my life to create, encourage and attract a greater sense of love and satisfaction around and within me?” So to be clear, questions that focus on the self and are open-ended will provide you with a more in depth reading. The reason we suggest focusing questions on yourself is because any change that is going to happen in your life starts with you. So working on yourself to clear blockages, enhance strengths and work with any perceived weaknesses will yield the most positive change in your life. This means, for example in relation to the question above, even if the love of your life does suddenly walk into your life, you will be in the best place possible to recognize, welcome and assist this love to grow into something you have always dreamed of.

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