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While we will be welcoming more witches, astrologers and Hoodoo Worker/RootWorkers soon and thus making more services available to you, currently we have available:

Catherine Winther  is a Doctor of Psychology, retired psychologist, witch and artist. She is here to provide you with Weaving Spells. Weaving Spells include anything from tarot readings, animal totem medicine, bone castings, muse healings, dream interpretations and whatever other services that she can provide as a witch and feels is appropriate.

Pearl Whitecrow  is an artist, witch and hoodoo worker/root worker. She is here to provide you with tarot readings, animal totem medicine, rune castings, dream interpretations and what other services she can provide as a witch and Hoodoo Worker/RootWorker, and feels is appropriate.

Catherine’s Witches Cave where face to face Weaving Spells are held. Note a very lazy Wolf puppy who refused to be woken for the photo.

If you’d like to read more about what we do and how there is the blog and a free monthly newsletter you can sign up to that has free offers and readings. Our Twitter and Facebook feeds also post card a day readings, and a three card reading every Sunday.

While all the readers who work at Weaver Tarot each have over twenty years experience, and while Weaver Tarot provides generalized services to anyone and everyone (as long as they are over eighteen years old,) the services of Weaver Tarot are specialized for artists. As such, this home page will be dedicated to talking about why our services are specialized for artists.

If you are interested in how we work both generally and for artists, and how others have found our work we invite you to have a read of our FAQ, Readers and Services pages and our Testimonials page. Before making a booking we also encourage you to read our Polices and Ethics page. Our Polices and Ethics may give you some insight into the respect we hold ourselves and our clients in, and how our work is always client centered in terms of boundaries and care. When we are reading for you, our attention is entirely focused on you and with you. We will never dictate to you in our readings, but we will be grounded and honest in working with you, and what comes through the cards, bones, runes etc., to help provide new pathways forward to help you achieve your dreams, illuminate answers, overcome challenges or whatever else you might come to your reading wanting to work through.


Tarot for artists is a topic close to our hearts as if the topic of the artist’s muse. A muse can be many things to many people, in this instance we will be referring to the inner muse (as opposed to a specific person you may work with.) Some other terms people might use to refer the idea of the muse is the creative spark, inspiration, genius etc. To compliment this topic, I (Catherine) will also be talking about the tarot card ‘The Hermit.’ Hopefully this will illuminate why our specialty is reading for artists.


The Hermit is one of my favorite tarot cards. The Hermit card is a Major Arcana tarot card (twenty-two of the fifty-six cards are Major Arcana) as such, this card is understood to relate to deeper qualities of life such as soul journeys, karma, archetypes, the muse etc. The Minor Arcana cards can be interpreted as relating to day-to-day activities. But all of the cards feed back to the source – you. Much like a spider’s web, each card/strand weaves its way back to the center – you, and therefore, no card is any more or less important than they others. However, Major Arcana cards are simply closer to the center of the web – a more direct relation to the soul or, heart of the matter.

The Hermit is much like a walking meditation. It is a time of soul searching and intense introspection. It heralds a time when you yearn for solitude but refuse to hide away in a cave rather you wander through the world watching and observing quietly and carefully, while paying heed to your thoughts, feelings and the own motions of your soul. The Hermit carries a lantern on his travels, this is his own inner light, he uses it to guide him through the shadowy terrain of his psyche – a place he isn’t afraid to tread at this juncture in fact he may feel a very specific pull towards the darker aspects of himself. The reason you are drawn to these darker aspects of yourself at this time is because you have come to understand and embrace your own inner light and this has helped you vanquish any fear of the dark, simply leaving you with a deep curiosity about the unexplored parts of yourself. As such, now is a profound time of questioning, analyzing and tapping into intuition to discover your own strengths, wisdoms and illuminate new and important truths. It not a time for acting or deciding, just contemplating.

This card also directly relates to artists. Therefore, it is perhaps unsurprising that nearly every time an artist sits down for a reading with me, The Hermit Card pops up. Or, as I like to dub it: The Muse’s Calling Card.

The Hermit can also represent a wise teacher coming into your life aka, The Muse.

When this card comes up it often indicates that it is time for a solo artist retreat in order to replenish the mind, body, soul and… the muse. It is time to take time away from the crowd and spend time doing things that you know replenish your creative side. Perhaps you and your muse enjoy spending time alone in galleries, attending concerts, taking late night walks, hiking in nature, exploring old book stores, or haunting grungy writer cafes. Or you might simply enjoy just spending time ‘being’ with yourself and your muse. But this card is very much a sign to get in touch with your muse and what your muse needs from you.

The Hermit card is asking you: what nourishment does your muse need so that it can continue to help feed your creative drive and spark new ideas?

There is a saying ‘what you are seeking, is seeking you.’ The Hermit card has an image of a robed, wise seeker journeying down a path in the dark holding up a lantern. Both you and the muse are the wise seeker in this instance, you are seeking each other with the aim of having a good heart-to-heart conversation. If you take the time to be still and listen, you will discover what you need to replenish, strengthen, repair the relationship between yourself and the muse. This can help you overcome any creative blocks.

In short, one interpretation of The Hermit is that it is the Muse’s direct calling card – a short and sweet ‘call me’ notice from the muse to sit down and rediscover what it is that gives you that sense of wonder and play that feeds whatever artistic medium you work in.

The above is a general discussion of how The Hermit can relate to artists. How The Hermit is interpreted will vary from spread to spread and from client to client. And as always, the tarot is not meant to prescribe your life, or any exact outcome, rather help illuminate new paths and opportunities for you to choose from, as well as give an overview of what could occur if you were to continue traveling down the current path you are on.

How is the above helpful to the artist? As all artists are aware, we hit upon dreaded creative blocks now and again – a time when nothing seems to flow right. I like to think tarot for artists can work in much the same way as Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies, a means for discovering new strategies and perspectives whilst opening up the mind and sparking inspiration. However, the difference between a tool like Oblique Strategies and a tarot reading, is that these fresh lines of thinking and opportunities are tailored specifically to you because the energy of the reading is coming from the wellspring of energy and wisdom contained within you and your muse.

So, if you are an artist who is feeling a creative block, or who wants to understand more about their relationship with their muse, or feels the need to repair their relationship with their muse, or how to attract and generate greater sense of wealth from their creative projects, or you are just generally curious about how the tarot or any of our other services might help your creative process, feel free to contact Catherine or Pearl and discuss the process further.

North be true,


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