Welcome to Weaver Tarot.

I am a doctor of psychology,  researcher, author, witch, counsellor, and artist. The services I provide through Weaver Tarot are:

  • Tarot readings.
  • Bone castings, Lenormand readings, rune castings, and many other oracle readings.
  • Dream interpretations.
  • Animal totem and Plant totem sessions.
  • Root work.
  • Space cleansing and healing.
  • Various magickal workings tailored to your needs.
  • Muse healings for the artist.
  • General Healings both distal and local.
  • Mentoring.
  • I also work as an online counsellor. Appointments for counselling can be made here: Weaver Counselling.
If you have a magickal emergency, the best places to contact me to get the quickest response are:
Instagram: Weaver Tarot
Email: weavertarot@gmail.com or catherinewinther@gmail.com


About Me.

I was born a witch, raised as a witch, and live as a witch. I have been practicing as a solo, eclectic witch for over twenty-five years. I currently live in a beautiful witch’s cottage that is tucked deep into the Victorian Dandenong Ranges. Occasionally, I offer workshops, healing circles, and face-to-face readings and counselling at my cottage. These are by invite only.

After fifteen years of study psychology and working with clients, I was forced to retire from working as a psychologist in 2014 after the combination of a car accident and a brain tumour left me partially disabled and in chronic pain. However, as often is the case, these near death experiences contained wonderful gifts amidst the trauma. In 2009 I had an operation to remove my first brain tumour. During this operation I suffered heart failure and died before returning to this world with an entirely new medicine that has been gently unfolding over the last ten years. Whilst this is an ongoing process, one thing has become startling clear for me as my magick continues to unfurl and bloom and that is that I have a responsibility and a deep passion to share this magick and what healing gifts and skills I have to help others whether they are human, animal, plant, or the planet as a whole.

My role as a witch is to weave together science, art, philosophy, nature, and magick in a way that helps you no matter what your needs from spellcasting to tarot readings. The magickal tools I am best trained in for working with others include tarot, bones, oracles, irreverence, laughter, crystals, herbs, scrying, spellcasting, root work, dream interpretation, animal and plant medicine, muse medicine, healthy discussions and constructive debates, and most importantly, the art of listening, seeing, and being present for you.

I am confident and at ease with my supernatural connections to nature, spirits, ghosts, elementals, the universe, and energies in general. I inhabit the thresholds between this world and others. I am at home in this liminal space and am comfortable with working as a medium and channel. I have a very candid and direct communications with these energies so I often draw on these energies to help my clients. However, including this way of working is not for everyone and as such, will always check with you before including this way of working in our sessions.

But energy work is only one facet of what I offer. In my view, one of the most powerful healing catalysts is simply the feeling of being really heard, seen, understood, and accepted for all that you are. My core belief is that authentic communication and connection are pure, wonderful, enlivening, alchemy. This simple act leads to powerful rejuvenation, spontaneous enlightenment, and profound change.

My mystical and professional training enables me to compassionately observe, question, and guide you on your journey from multiple and objective perspectives. Through encouraging you to view yourself and your life from different perspectives you will come to know yourself better and feel greater empowerment. When my wisdom and skills are coupled with both of our insights, intuitions, and psychic gifts, the possibilities are endless. If you can dream it, we can achieve it. This means I can offer caring and enriching sessions to help you without disempowering you or creating dependence. I will always advocate for your rights, autonomy, and power to discover your own wildness and magick. I am simply your guide and advocate. I am not a guru or anyone to be placed on a pedestal for we are all equal and I will only meet you on equal ground so as to respect your essence and journey.

My skills as a psychologist and counsellor, along with my Jungian training, extensive research and work within the arts and various mystical paths and traditions, enables me to hold a safe and loving spaces for us to delve deep in order to find that spark of passion and hope to energise your healing and transformation. These same skills also ensure that no matter how intense our session may be, I will always return you to a safe, grounded, and positive emotional state before the session ends. Whilst the work we do together is important, it is also important that it does not compromise your functioning in day-to-day life. I have had to clean up after multiple, unethical practitioners who encourage vulnerability and opening up but then fail to provide some aftercare that ensures their clients are not left raw and exposed at they return to the world. The ethics and values I adhere to can be found on the bookings page.

My approach is a client centred and collaborative approach. That is, your needs guide our sessions and approaching this work as a team does away with any hierarchy or power imbalance. Encouraging and celebrating your autonomy are values that are at the heart of my way of working. This is because more often than not, you already know what it is you need to heal and/or the answers to your questions. My job is to simply walk beside you on your journey to help you realise your truths, to support you through the tough times, and celebrate your achievements. I will promote pleasure in your life by encouraging your passions and inspiring your courage by way of humour, wisdom, consistent support, and via nurturing loving and deep connections with nature, magick, the universe, and your higher self.

Whilst my work leans towards the shadows, I firmly believe there needs to be a balance of light and dark in all things. I also believe it is important to look beyond these basic dualisms to broaden and brighten the beauty and meaning in your world. I advocate strongly against censorship and fight for authenticity in all things. I have a passion for mentoring young artists and witches. Because, quite frankly, the more art and magick there is in this world, the better.

Together we will break the shackles of fear, patriarchy, and shame through education, mercy, self-awareness, and celebration. Healing can be just as joyous as it is painful, that is why it is my job to be with you every step of the way without getting in your way.

Whether studying magick, art, science, or nature, learning is a life long passion of mine. I apply this knowledge to help you uncover the beauty of growth, change, and truth. I am here to remind you that those binds that tie you down are all lies. We are all artists. Life is our canvas. And there is nothing more enlivening than seeing someone grasp their freedom with two hands and disassemble and rebuild themselves and their lives in such a way that is true to themselves and their dreams. And that is exactly what I am here to help you achieve. Your goals are my goals.

If you are interested to find out more about how I work and how others benefited from my workings please feel free to email me and peruse the FAQ,  and Testimonials pages. Before making a booking I would also encourage you to read my Polices and Ethics page.




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